Brain Rules for Baby

After having my first baby, I checked out the audio book for Brain Rules for Baby by John Medina. I loved it so much, I went out and bought the hardback. Now that I am pregnant again, I’m reading the book again! It presents current research on brain development for children under 5 years of age, starting with prenatal development. As parents we hear so many old wives tales about what is good for our kids and what is not. This book looks at some of those rumors and presents the research on the topic. I know, just the word RESEARCH is putting you to sleep. I wouldn’t recommend this book unless it was interesting enough for you to flip through and take a few ideas from. For example, did you know that babies who watch TV before the age of 2 have low IQ scores than those who do not? This includes the Baby Einstein videos! After some further research myself, I also found this was backed up by the American Pediatric Association. There is a ton of valuable information in the book. Just like any other source out there, take the information and apply it for what you know is right for your own baby and your family. That’s how I look at things.

Author: Kim Peterson, MA, LPC-S, RPT

Kim is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Clinical Supervisor, and Registered Play Therapist in Dallas, Texas.

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