Friday Wrap Up 8-24-12: Must Reads and Best Online Finds From the Week!


It’s Finally The Weekend!!

Every week I come across so many informative articles, funny and inspiring quotes, and cool websites. It’s impossible to post them all on my facebook page, so here’s what I came across this week.

Have a great weekend!

1. 10 IPad Apps for Counselors is featured on JYJ Counselor. Here are a few of my favorites she mentions:

Puppet Pals HD (free but there’s a paid $2.99 version): My students LOVE this app, another story creation app where students can take pictures of themselves from the iPad camera roll and insert themselves into a story.  There was so much interest from the students in this app that I purchased the $2.99 version.  It was well worth it.

Breathe2Relax (free): Neat calm app that helps students inhale and exhale with their breathing to relax or calm down.

You can handle them all ($1.99):  Great tips on how to handle children’s inappropriate behaviors.  This app is so popular/helpful that all the school psychologists in my district have iPads and this app is on each one!

2. Ten Secrets of Happy Couples.
Don’t we all want to know the secrets to a happy relationship? This article by Red Box goes into more detail for each secret, but here is the summary to give you a peak:

  1. The celebrate a unique anniversary. Other than the wedding anniversary, they celebrate private moments, such as the date of a first kiss or the first time they met.
  2. They stash pleasure money. This is spent for a vacation, date night, or anything else the couple can enjoy together.
  3. When the going gets tough, they don’t call mom or dad. They talk about how to handle the problem together before reaching out for others to intervene.
  4. They don’t nickel-and-dime about chores (less nagging). These couples don’t keep a score card.
  5. They never loose their sense of humor.
  6. They get busy, period. Regular intimacy is important for the relationship.
  7. They never withhold nooky as a punishment.
  8. They use terms of endearment.
  9. They are grateful for the ordinary. These couples didn’t take one another for granted and noticed the every day things that were special.
  10. They take at least 10 minutes out of their day for one another without distractions.

3. Small Straws in a Soft Wind, by Marsha Burns is a beautiful reminder of staying present in our lives and Living in the Moment, which I wrote about a couple months ago.

“Many of you, My people, will be seduced into going back in time to relive the past on some level. But, be aware that when you do that you will be opening the door to entertain old places of rejection, failure, and disappointment. This is not good for you and will hinder your walk in the Spirit. What you must do is stay present with Me, and what I am doing in, around and through you right now. You can do nothing about the past, but you can be strengthened and encouraged in the present, says the Lord.

Romans 8:1 There is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus, who do not walk according to the flesh, but according to the Spirit.”

4. Pet Therapy. I am an animal lover and this picture is such a sweet reminder of the power of a pet’s love and devotion in our lives. Pets are actually used in all kinds of therapy and you can read more about that here.

5. Too Funny!

3.. 2.. 1..


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Author: Kim Peterson, MA, LPC-S, RPT

Kim is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Clinical Supervisor, and Registered Play Therapist in Dallas, Texas.

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