Childcare and Education Centers

Imagine having a Licensed Professional Counselor and Registered Play Therapist on-site at your facility! Having worked with children and parents for over a decade, I am familiar with the challenges many children, parents, and providers run into, such as a child who is hyperactive and disruptive, or a child displaying aggressive behaviors towards others. With a licensed child therapist available, these issues can be addressed .before it becomes too late.


  • Staff consultation and coaching for their classroom, and/or specific children
  • Individual child therapy/play therapy
  • Parent and staff education
  • Direct observation of child with their peers and teachers in the classroom environment


  • Parents do not have to pull their child out of school, or rush to weekly appointments, for their child to receive counseling. Rather, the therapist will work with the teachers to determine the best time to pull them out of class for their counseling.
  • Your therapist has an opportunity to observe the child in one of their natural environments, providing both therapist and parents valuable information when creating a treatment plan.
  • With a child therapist available on-site, providers can address the problems before they escalate to a child getting hurt, parents becoming frustrated, and teachers getting burned out.
  • Counseling sessions are offered at a highly discounted rate, while not sacrificing quality of care.