Online Links and Websites

The list of Online Links and Websites

MEDICAL AND MENTAL HEALTH has a wealth of information and the site is divided up into sections for parents, kids, teens, and professionals. is a site I used a lot as a new mom. There are posts from professionals as well as thousands of other moms.

American Pediatric Association

American Counseling Association

The Balanced Mind Foundation – family resources for children with mood disorders

National Instutute of Mental Health

Psych Central


Emotional Wellness for Positive Living– site for many resources for information and resources on wellness topics

Psychology Today– range of articles in psychology

Online Course in Positive Psychology

12 Things Happy People Do Differently

2010 Studies in Positive Psychology


Association for Play Therapy – therapeutic toys – therapeutic toys – therapeutic toys – therapeutic toys

Art Therapy Techniques– blog with ideas on art therapy of all kinds

BEHAVIOR MANAGEMENT – a great site for behavior charts – Occupational Therapists share resources for behavior management and sensory.

MOOD AND ANXIETY MANAGEMENT – wonderful blog with ideas for de-stressing kids

Anxiety Disorders Association

Stress, Anxiety, and Depression Resource Center

Beating Bipolar

LEARNING AND SENSORY – activity ideas for kids activities of all age ranges.

More Than A Toy – fun blog with great ideas

Sandbox Learning – Education tools


Parenting – website for Parenting Magazine

Love and Logic Institute – parenting approach and techniques

Cloud Townsend Resources – resource site from authors of “Boundaries”

Positive Parenting – parenting approach and techniques

Positive Parenting Skills– blog

Off Beat Family



Aspergers and Autism Syndrome



Reactive Attachment Disorder

LD Online– learning disabilities

National Association for Gifted Children

Child Abuse Effects


Behavioral Health Innovation Comparisons– information on mental health technology

Private Practice From the Inside Out

Private Practice Online Survival Guide

Understanding Behavioral Individuality

Anderson and Anderson Anger Management Facilitator Training

Five Brocade Publishing Transpersonal Cognitive Training

Dual Diagnoses Website

International Society for Study of Trauma and Dissociation

Jill Osborne’s Writing and Play Therapy Page


Kingwood Counseling & Play Therapy

Houston LPC

Baby Sensory Humble

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  1. Hi Kim. Thanks so much for including me on your Links Page—it’s a compliment. Here’s a post that some of your readers might be interested in: It’s about how different families function/family styles. It’s called Follow The Leader, after the old children’s game, because it briefly touches upon how children can be allowed to lead in the family sometimes. Here it is:

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