Therapeutic Games

Different Types of Therapeutic Games

Use Your I’s is one of the best educational therapeutic games to play with school-age kids. In this game, kids are encouraged to communicate their feelings and needs in an appropriate way. It also has feelings faces throughout the game to give them an opportunity to talk about when they may have felt or experienced that feeling with others. I have played this individually and with a parent present. One of my favorites and definitely worth the investment!!

Totika Self Esteem Game and Six Sets of Cards – A Games of Fun, Skill and Communication is one of my favorite therapy tools to use with kids 7 years and older. I even recommend parents buy this game to play with your family. It is similar to Jenga, except it comes with questions that you answer between each piece that is pulled from the tower. I’m sure my fellow therapists out there are familiar with this one and hopefully they have as much success as I do.

Cyber Dilemmas In a Jar®: Challenges for Teens can be used as an icebreaker or main activity in a group setting. At first, your teens may laugh at the idea, but soon it will turn into a great time!




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Educational and Therapeutic BINGO GAMES!

Emotional Bingo for Children is one of my favorites. Who doesn’t love BINGO?? This bingo game teaches children triggers, words for feelings, and coping skills. I even recommend this game for parent to buy for family game night.


Emotional Bingo for Teens uses the same concept, but is tailored towards teen language and problems.



Stress Bingo Game for Adults is not one I have personally used, but if it is as helpful as the others, I would definitely purchase this one!



Self Esteem Bingo Game for Adults




The Ungame is a very popular game among therapists. I used it mostly with children betweenn the ages of 4 years and 8 years old.The questions that come with the game are intended for this age group and teaching kids about how to cope with their feelings. It is a great one to use when you are first getting to know your client.

There are numerous versions of The Ungame. There are card sets you can buy to use with the board game, and also Ungame card games (without the board required). I’ve added some examples below and put a star (*) next to the ones I have personally used with clients. Another plus? They are INEXPENSIVE!! 🙂

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